Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's Already Thursday!

The time has really gotten away from me this week. Starting last Saturday it seems like I have been busier than usual. I made a determination to begin working out at the gym that is close to my house where I got a membership this year. My sister decided to join so that helped get me motivated. I decided to mention this in my blog so it is another place where I am accountable in my committment to lose 100 pounds. I am only five three and small to medium boned. After I decided to resign from my job a few years ago the weight has crept up on me and I weighed in at 223 pounds when I went to the gym on Tuesday. I thought that for a fifty year old woman I don't think it would be unreasonable to weigh around 120 pounds which actually gives me 103 pounds to lose!
I had my body fat index done and it was so bad that I am seriously thinking that I should start my weight loss under the supervision of a doctor. I have borderline high blood pressure but as far as I know I am not a diabetic.
But I am not going to panic over my body fat index, because at the gym is where I need to be. No more red meat for me is all I can say at this point.
Not much sewing got done at this point. I had a family birthday party that lasted all day on Saturday, and every day I have been going somewhere. I had to go see about getting my last visit with the doctor who treated my broken ankle, get the hopefully final x-ray done and get his ok for physical therapy for the healed ankle. My regular doctor wrote the order for the physical therapy, but I just need to make sure that there are no problems and get the final ok. My family doctor told me that it would be ok to do low-impact workouts on the elliptical, stairmaster, and the treadmill. So I started Tuesday. Then Saturday we have a nephew graduating from high-school and a party after that for him. So another Saturday gone. I was watching Oprah a couple of weeks ago and Dr. Oz was talking about nutrition. He interviewed the participants in an experiment that was conducted in the UK. The participants stayed a zoo for ten days and ate like a gorilla. They had to eat eleven pounds of raw food a day to get their nutritional requirements! They all lost ten pounds, lost inches off their waistlines, and lowered their chloresterol readings by twenty-five percent. I guess I should eat like the gorillas and I wouldn't be in this mess!

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