Thursday, June 4, 2009

finished blocks

I purchased this wonderful civil war repro fabric from a beautiful quilt shop in Orting, Wa. The prints are rather dark in these photos but I am practicing taking pictures so my photos should improve! The shop has a whole wall of beautiful civil war reproduction fabrics and the quality of the fabric is very high. That was stash growth, but I am working on getting the stash down.
Since we moved into this house last summer, I have been working on getting the sewing room together and it is slowly coming together. I had a yard sale a couple of weeks ago and got rid of quite a bit of clutter, and will be working some more on the sewing room and having another yard sale.
I had the idea of participating in a quilt-a-long that I found on somebody's web-blog, but I never did get my name on the list. But I had also seen a quilt at the afore mentioned quilt shop that was nine-patch blocks, so I decided to do the blocks anyway.
There are the most amazing blogs for all kinds of crafting and everyday I have to read some. I just love to see the big resurgence of crafting, sewing, and knitting. It's so nice that younger people make things like quilts or clothes.

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