Saturday, June 6, 2009

Empty flower beds

Well I started to dig the flowerbeds out along this small garage that is on our property. The digging is also going along this fence to the left of the building. Then it occurred to me that there are no gutters on the garage so whatever is planted under the eaves better like water. The water coming of the garage has pitted where I dug it out. Then as I dug along the fence, I found old shell casings and when I started digging along this other part of the yard, I found a couple of old bullets.

After talking to various family members, I called our local Police dept. and they came and picked them up. After that I was paranoid about digging in the yard, then we decided to buy a metal detector after talking to my daughter's boyfriend. However, these are not easy just to go out and buy, so we rented one. We didn't find anymore bullets or shells, but we did find a lot of rusty old nails and pieces of fence posts. This house has been here for one hundred years, so who knows what you would find in the ground. The only money we found with the metal detector was an old penny, but it was only a 1968 penny. But I do feel safer about digging in the yard.

I have rose bushes along this back fence now and partly up the side coming back towards the house. Then at the corner of the garage and the fence there is a climbing rose that was here when we moved in. I planted two more rose bushes along the fence coming towards the gate. I planted Veteran's Honor and Welcome Home.

It took me so long to get the roses into the ground after I purchased them that I didn't prune any of them. I decided to just let them be for this year and perhaps do a minimal amount of pruning.

I had intended to have a garden in the back yard but when I started digging in this area I started finding chunks of cement. Somebody went cement happy in this yard. So my husband dug some of it out, but there is still places that need to have the chunks dug out. There is no way you could take a roto-tiller through that area until it is done. So next year I will have the garden.

On the quilt side, I have finished seven nine-patch blocks.

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