Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The aftermath of graduations!

Here are some of the cans from the fruit salad I made for my nephew's graduation on Saturday. I am taking them over to my sister's house for use as cigarette butt cans to keep the yard from being spoiled. The whipped topping containers will become slug dens of death! You cut little holes on the sides, place slug bait inside, then put the tops back on and place them in the yard where ever you think slugs are hanging out. Keeps pets out of the bait.

Here is my sewing machine just sitting because I had three graduations this week. Kindergarden, eighth-grade, and high school. Plus my own personal business, and Dr. appointment. My brother is coming to visit and spend the night for one more family party, so I am busy cleaning out the guest bedroom and just generally doing laundry and housecleaning. I had planned on having my second yard sale, but I guess it will be next weekend. Sigh!

Lucy is just tired from the heat and all the running around. We received our new blackout drapes for out bedroom, which has four windows at each end of the room. DH works nights so needs his beauty rest in the morning, besides the fact that there is a house across the street from us that was recently purchased. The new neighbors can see directly into our bedroom, so DH installed the hardware and hung the drapes Monday night. Then we are having new storm doors installed on the front and back door this Friday because I love to have all the doors and windows open this time of the year. And it does add another level of security and keeps the flies out. We picked out the ones that have a screen on the top half of the door so I can open the doors. We had two neighbor dogs come wandering in today when I opened the back door, so the new doors can't get here soon enough!

This coming up Sunday is also Father's Day, so I am still trying to decide what to get DH. Maybe a new recliner for the tv room...

Will post quilting updates next post...

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  1. You are definitely busy, but your cat looks VERY relaxed. By chance do you have any photos of your cute cat with your quilts? Would love to see them, if you do.

    Don't stress too much. You'll get back to quilting soon.