Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoying our unseasonably warm weather

While I am trying to get all my WIPs together to get some pictures I found a picture of our cat Lucy enjoying the deck during our hot spell here in the Puget Sound area. When we bought our house last year we decided to get a cat from Craigs List and she came declawed. I try to let her out as much as I can when I can be out with her so she doesn't get beat up by one of the neighbor cats. She is a very pretty pure white cat with the most startling blue eyes.

She really likes to look at the pins with bright yellow heads that I am using to hold together my little pieces of fabric for nine patch blocks that I am hand piecing. Of course I am vigiliant about not leaving the pins out and I have actually started putting the pin cushion and pinned together pieces into a plastic container that she can't get into. Lately Lucy has been very interested in the thread also. I guess I need to buy her some toys of her own or make her some knitted wool mice or something!

Lucy has been a good companion as I have been somewhat housebound because I broke my ankle in March of this year. So she keeps an eye on things.

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